People – Ziera, Folgari
Language – Zieric, Folgari

Zieram is by far the least populated continent by the civilized races. Though approximately equal in size to Qennalce, the continent has proven fairly unpopular overall with most non-natives except traders and outlaws. Those who do make their home here do so in the few settled and established cities, although more than a few relatively unnoticed villages are spread across the continent.

Zieram is divided into two main components. Zieram Major, the largest portion of the continent is the hot, dry desert of either dry flatland (akin to the American Southwest) or dunes of shifting sand. The rest of the continent is composed of the Folgari Islands, or Zieram Minor, fractured parts of the continent that are dense tropical rainforest and jungle. The islands are considered part of the main continent when referring to them, as opposed to other islands that may occur elsewhere in the oceans across Tamris.

Notable locations to be revealed as informed or discovered.

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