Session Quotes

“Oh, and Gavin…Welcome back to the family.”
~Benjamin Crosswell, after recruiting his brother to work for a black market auction.

“What do you want?”
“IT’S A RAID!!!”
~Leokas Woodsheart and a 30-strong goblin raiding party attacking Angel Fall.

“Death is not a Status Effect!”

Paraphrased: “It’s not all that bad. I mean, sure, he could die horribly on this dangerous quest but we’ll be there for him.”
~Darius Mason talking to Isaac Fayewind’s parents about their venture to Khazaak-Thidun

“Sociopaths, the lot o’ ye!”
~Maesenko, regarding the party (also good for a drinking game).

Session Quotes

Whispers in Tamris Maesenko