Language and Linguistics



  • Keldiruun = name for planet (Tamris)
  • Baz = Fire, “of flame”
  • Rak = Bastion (as in a fortification)


  • Nal Duomi = name for planet (Tamris)




  • Archaean Dialect
    Spell-Weight” = Often simply referred to as “weight”, this is a term which refers to the cost of casting a spell; it is most commonly used when a spell is cast as a service.


  • Nouns and Adjectives are capitalized; verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, and prepositions are not.
  • Vandik uses loanwords as they are taught. As such, words foreign to the language tend to sound out of place in Vandik, as they are often mimicked rather than adapted.
  • dur = “your(s)”
  • Davn = “day”
  • -davn = “day (of the week)”
  • Eng/Enga = “big”
  • Engavand = “Planet” (Tamris)
  • Ere = “North/northern”
  • Erevand-er/-in = technically denoting a Vander/in, but to hear a Vander/in use it means they are noting their birthplace as somewhere in Vand (as a mark of status).
  • gan = quickly
  • Gaan = “Money”, “Payment”, “Debt”, or “a favor owed”
  • kend = “know”, “understand”
  • Kenets = a catch-all curse word, similar to sh** or f***
  • kral = “moves/goes”, an away motion
  • Kurt = “near/close”
  • Mig = “middle/center/central”
  • Migavander = Correntian
  • nag = “but”, “however”
  • Nakem = “name”
  • Nar = “far/distant”
  • Osd = “Coast” and “East/eastern”
  • Osdvander = “coast-dweller” or “foreigner” or “person from East”, also “Valnoran”
  • sigruul = “approaches/comes”, a toward motion
  • Skal = “Head”, “Skull”, “Brain”, “Mind”
  • tok = “is” but more accurate as “given as [my/his/her/etc.]”
  • Uta = “South/southern”
  • Utavander = Ziera
  • Vand = “land/Land”; originally also “Planet”
  • Vander = last name, “Person”
  • Vandin = last name, “Person” specifically of the High Clan Vandin through one means or another.
  • venai = “cannot”, “unable”, “impossible to”
  • The Vandik gesture equivalent to the American middle finger is to make a fist, bring it up to your lips such that the side of the index finger near the thumb rests on the lips, then to flick the fist forward and away from the lips. This would translate most directly as “Kiss my fist.”


Language and Linguistics

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