Catfolk Village

The Catfolk Village resides in the Forin Plain approximately one-third of the way between Rasloc and Dalenroth. It lies just a few minutes off the road, mostly obscured by the cliff-side that shelters the village. The proper name for the village is unpronounceable in any tongue but Feline and is long-winded in translation, though few outsiders visit enough for it to be referenced by name anyway.

Although few outsiders are welcomed into the village, those that are are treated generously by the villagers.

  • The Catfolk have a pledge of strict neutrality against the current leader of the Wildwind Temple. So long as they do not interfere with the aims of the temple leader, they will be left alone.
  • Leokas Woodsheart is attempting to take refuge here to escape his servitude to the Mayor of Rasloc.

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Catfolk Village

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