Angel Fall

Angel Fall is a small farming community on the outskirts of Rasloc’s protective domain. Primarily residences owned by the village’s farmers make up the body of the town’s buildings, though a few other structures exist as well. The general layout of the town is that of a ring or circle, with a few buildings along outward paths towards the far side of town. Within the center of the town stands a white stone statue of an angel. Supposedly, the statue marks the place where an angel once “fell” from the heavens; this event is also from where the town derives its name.

The local inn is a popular rest stop for travelers and meeting point for the locals, and its hospitality provides one of the village’s two sources of non-agricultural income (the other being trade with the occasional passing caravan).

The village population is between 50 and 75 members, depending on whether the outlying farmsteads are counted into the total.

  • For unknown reasons, the village was recently razed and nearly all its inhabitants were slain; only the innkeeper, mayor, and a couple of farmers survived. The inn and the mayor’s home still stand, but unless people can be convinced to resettle the village, it will likely become little more than a wayside cemetery.
  • A tunnel was recently revealed at the statue in the center of the village. It lead to a chamber filled with strange mechanical components linked up to a contraption which held a Phoelarch warrior in sleep for over 300 years. He was released and left for parts unknown.

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Angel Fall

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