Lanscaport is an emerging port town on the coast of Valnor. It is a growing community founded for the excavation of the ruins of the old city of Val Simastel. Travelers and locals alike frequent the Blue Unicorn tavern many nights, and it has many kinds of music owing to the seafarers who bring in goods for the excavation teams and the growing town. The city also sees a monthly transport from Archaea loaded with tools and workers, as well as an Academy mage for a progress report and findings results.

Lanscaport owes its existence (and namesake) to magus Kaleena Lansca, as well as support from the capital city of Archaea. It is Kaleena who spear-heads the development and investment in the town, though much of her key funding comes from the capital. Archaean support is dwindling, however, as excavation has slowed and fewer items of value have been unearthed.

The nearby dwarven community of Bazrak is also at odds with the excavation, but they do support the building of Lanscaport on the grounds of increased trade. They have provided little assistance, and in fact have refused to aid the excavation efforts from their tunnels for undisclosed reasons, stating only “some things are better left in the past”.

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