Archaean Council of Mages

The Archaean Council of Mages or ACM is the governing body in Archaea. True to its name, the ACM is a magocracy; the Council is not solely or entirely comprised of mages, however.

Historically, the Council was comprised of a handful of masters of the arcane from the major schools of magic. In time, the ACM expanded to include additional masters from other schools as well.
As Archaea developed into a major city and later a country, additional aid and representation was called for; as a result, the Council created the “lower seats”, which are comprised of various well-respected individuals (mostly other mages), major city officials, and representatives from Archaea’s other land holdings.
Today, the Archaean Council of Mages is comprised of roughly 15 “Upper Seats” and dozens of “Lower Seats”, as well as a few “Sponsored Seats” (guests that are invited to attend meetings and are permitted to speak on behalf of another Councillor or with permission to speak freely).

As a representative body, the ACM is responsible for governing Archaea and its territories. The duty of being a Councillor is compounded by the responsibilities many of its members already possess. Several of the Upper Seats members are Masters at the Grand Academy of Archaea. The Lower Seats include Councillors who hold other important positions, such as the Master Archivist, Head Librarian, High Priests, Guildmasters, and other organization heads.

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Archaean Council of Mages

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