Whispers in Tamris

Chapter 1: The Auction

Adventure Log

Upon arriving at the port of Rasloc, Gavin stepped off the gangplank onto the docks. In his hand he held a letter given to him by his brother, Benjamin, who had asked him to leave Qennalce to help him. He was to go to a tavern not too far off from the docks that went by the name of " The Golden Cask ".

As he headed toward the tavern, he heard a distinct noise of crashing barrels. He initially ignored it, but as he continued down the path it seemed to follow him. After that, he turned his head to look at what was causing the chaos behind him when he found out: a completely drunken man in full cloth stumbling everywhere and harassing women. He sighed and continued to the tavern, shortly arriving thereafter.

It took little time for him to find his brother; he was in the back sulking in a corner. He approached him and, for a moment, Benjamin didn’t seem to know who he was. Once they were reacquainted, Benjamin asked for him to help him gain favor with his guard captain, Teun, so he could advance his career. As it was, Benjamin was a mere low rank guard and thus his income was very low. Which brought into question how he managed to send Gavin 200 gold. After a little pressing, it was revealed that Benjamin was doing some “off-the-books” work with an unnamed source to supplement his income. Once the confirmation of the type of job was made, which was highly illegal, Gavin accepted the request in an effort to get Benjamin out of the path he was taking.

While waiting ’til nightfall to start the mission, Gavin encountered the drunken man again; this time he was sitting with another man and called Gavin over. His name was Darius Mason, and he represented the church of Olidammara. Shortly after that introduction, the man next to Darius introduced himself as Oboron. This one had a shifty demeanor to him; as if he were hiding something. Gavin sat down with them, as he had nothing better to do, and began to have a great time of drinking.

Once his time was up and he had to leave, he asked if his new-found friends would like to help him with a small mission. They agreed to come with him and then set out with Gavin to where he was to meet Benjamin.

Upon meeting with him, Benjamin became very irate with Gavin for recruiting more people. After a brief conversation, Gavin managed to convince Benjamin that joining forces with the two newcomers was a good idea.

It was then that more details were given about the job; Gran, a half-orc, was running a smuggling operation down at the harbor, and was about to start an auction. Benjamin’s role in the operation was to deter guards from discovering it, and the group’s job was to deal with protecting the merchandise.

After arriving, Gavin shortly discovered that Benjamin had found himself involved in the slave trade. Gavin took it upon himself to quietly unlock the cage door of the slave’s cage, and retrieved the slave’s weapon and armor and slipped it under the curtains covering the cage. Shortly after that Benjamin had arrived… along with the Mayor of Rasloc! The mayor pulled away the curtain, revealing an enraged four foot tall minotaur. He kicked open the door to the cage in a display of strength, and demanded that the mayor set him free, stating so in five different languages.

The mayor refused and as a result the minotaur charged at him with his battle axe to kill him. He swung toward the mayor, but was stopped just short of the mayor by a shocking, binding seal placed upon the Minotaur’s body. The shock, clearly being extremely painful and would have easily brought lesser mortals to their knees, was shrugged off by the minotaur as if it never happened. The mayor then called forth two guards to escort him and the minotaur, when the minotaur charged one of them and cut him in half with his battle axe. The other guard, upon witnessing this gruesome act, sprinted away with his life.

With one of the guards dead, the mayor stated, “Well, it seems as though we have a job opening. Gavin, was it? Would you be interested in the position?” Gavin accepted, and shortly thereafter learned the name of the minotaur: Leokas Woodsheart. The group was then assigned to work together with Leokas, and to wait until they are called upon again for another mission.



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