Whispers in Tamris

Starting My…Odd Adventure

My first foray into the deep dark below.

I started my journey by sailing to Corrent, hoping to find any information about the lustful succubus that has cursed my family’s bloodline. However, I was sucked into a maverick group of adventures. I thought that I would be able to cover more ground by traveling in a group. I was very wrong.

Now in Valnor, we are all “stuck” inside of a cave, which is in fact part of an excavation site. My companions decided to go inside and help the excavators by entering from Bazrak, I’m thankful that Lavnago, my father-in-law, decided to stay behind. I cannot stand him at times. I love Nalla, but to be forced into marriage is not how I want to spend the rest of my life. Maybe when this is all over, I’ll try to get to know Nalla more, and she get to know me.

We travel through the well-excavated cave. Even though it is well-excavated, I am still afraid of the walls and ceiling collapsing on me just like what had happened my father. The cave has become narrower as we travel down the dark path. We soon came to a fork in the cave on our travel. Miss Lansca opened a map telling us to go right. Then, we see stalactites… My body feels weak, my legs shaking. I wish I had not come. I’d rather stay with Lavnago then this shit. Oboron suggested that I should use the floating tower shield that I obtained from Garry to cover my head. I took Oboron’s suggestion, and commanded the shield to hover above my head. I only hope that it can save me from a collapsing cave. It did help my stress, at least.

We then came across a large cavern with a rift in the floor. Followed by two giant spiders that we spotted on the ceiling. I prayed that if my party members managed to kill one of them while they are on the ceiling that the corpse would not fall on me. However, praying that something won’t fall on me would be pointless, since I believe that the Laughing Rouge would like to see something fall on me for a laugh. Maybe I should play some tricks to please him and he would then intern help me. Maybe he can supply me more of his delicious wine.
That would have to wait though, because after we killed the two spiders a larger one appeared with small swarms of baby spiders. We determined that this was their mother. We were able to defeat the giant spider and her babies thanks to Oboron and his explosive pots. However, during combat Emilia was his by Isaac’s fire ball. Thankfully she was not turned to cinder. We need someone to drive the ship, and it’s hard to find someone to sail us around the seas for free. To get over the gap we used the dead mother spider’s body as a bridge to get over the crypt. Isaac suggested that I put my armor in his pocket dimension, which leads to the Shadowlands, so that I would be able to get across with ease. I should remember to thank Isaac for his kindness… if I remember. Conquering the spider gave me a more positive attitude about myself, so I decided to lead our companions.

We then came across a cave of mushrooms of varying sizes. Some were the size of small houses and some were small enough to hold in your hand. They also changed into vibrant colors, of red, orange, yellow and so on. These mushrooms remind me of back home. Mushroom soup was my favorite while growing up in the temple. I also remembered that Ivan also liked mushrooms, so I tried taking one to bring back to him. I tried slicing the smallest one I could find, but it deflated and covered the bottom of my robes with spores. I hope I do not become sick in this cave. However, its better dying of poison than having something falling on me, but avoiding death completely exceeds both greatly. Oh, and everyone else was scared of the ever color-changing mushrooms. It seemed like a relaxing place to go for a walk or collect some dinner. I’m hungry now. I hope we find food soon.

We continued forward and left the mushroom room only to come across another mushroom room. This time though we found was being tended by white mushrooms with red caps that were bipedal and had arms. Everyone wanted to leave, but a few of the mushroom beings started to walk toward us. We quickly became surrounded by the mushroom folk. They mainly cluttered around me most though. They started poking at me, as if they were confused at what I was. Then, one of them let out spores which spread out to everyone. It didn’t seem to have any effect on most of us. The only one that was affected was Miss Lansca. She started swaying side to side just like the mushroom people. She was able to communicate with them because of the spores. We all then allowed them to spread their spores on us so that we could communicate better. The mushroom people seemed to be confused by me and thought that I was a mushroom. I figured this was because of the spores that were on my robes. We were able to explain that I was human and not a mushroom.

We asked If the Mushroom people could help us find our way through the cave. They said that they would bring us to their elder. Hopefully he can help us. The mushroom people seemed to be very nice and generous towards us. Also, they communicate telepathically, so everyone is able to hear the thoughts of everyone. Unfortunately I would only learn this later on. On our way Oboron made friends with one of the smaller mushroom people. He soon had him on his shoulder, like father and son. Except the father is a hulking man with a metal arm and red glowing eyes, and the son is a mushroom.

Once we got to the leader we were able to ask him for help. He was a more older-looking mushroom. He even had a beard made up of what appeared to be roots. During this time I started to stare at Miss Lansca and imagine what she looks like naked. This is when I learned that we were sharing our thoughts with everyone from the telepathic spores. Then she corrected my image of her and started to imagine me naked in turn, and I corrected her. Now everyone knows what me and Miss Lansca looked like naked… including poor Isaac. Not everyone took exception to it. However, I was lucky that the mushroom people didn’t understand what being naked was, so they were not offended by my thoughts.
The mushroom elder allowed us to stay for little bit and served us mushrooms that were cooked in more ways than one. This filled my hunger for mushrooms. This is when we learned that Isaac Fayewind despised mushrooms. He chose not to eat anything. The rest of us dug in on the free meal. Katerina told them first to take away the dishes that were poisonous to us.

Later on the small mushroom that was on Oboron’s shoulder came to us and said that he could guide us to the exit of their village. We were able to come across a magnificent hallway of fine stonework and vaulted ceilings. I assumed that we were getting closer to our destination. Miss Lansca became fascinated with symbols on the walls of the hallway. She started making impressions of the markings on the wall and keeping them as notes. It was like she was in a trance. I would be in a trance too, if she was doing it in less clothes, but I don’t that now is the best time. Maybe back at the mushroom village though. The ever changing mushrooms would be beautiful to look at with someone. They would really set the mood for romance.
As we walked down the hallway Oboron told everyone to stop. He pointed out that there was a glyph in the air. Isaac told us that this glyph was used to keep people out and whatever was on the other side in.

We don’t have any concept of time down here since we left. We can’t even tell when it’s the next day. We all decided then to take some time to rest since we were all tired from traveling and fighting. Oboron decided to work on the glyph trap. His first try caused the trap to activate, which expelled a magical force that hit us all which was quite painful. These are the times that I am thankful for being a “holy man” who can heal himself, and I bet my companions are glad that they are with a “holy man” as well. We all decided to stay far away from Oboron as he tinkered with the glyph again. Eventually he was able to disarm this magical trap, instead of it nearly killing him, unlike the time that Gavin Crosswell and Oboron tried to disarm an orb from the last time we came across a magical trap. I simply walked right past it. Why couldn’t this trap be more like that one?



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