Whispers in Tamris

974yr::Traps...and More Traps….Oo a Ghost!

We proceeded forward. Me in front with Oboron scouting for traps. I hope that there are no more glyphs. However, they give me an idea if I ever wanted to keep Lavnago away from me.
We did come across some traps that Oboron found. He guided us around the traps, but then we came a across a row of traps that blocked our path. He told us to stand back as he tried to disarm it. I hoped that it didn’t project a magical force like the last one. Thankfully, though, he disarmed it without effort. Knowing a rogue like Oboron has become useful and a blessing. I wonder if we were destined to meet by Olidammara’s hand, to cause laughs and tricks among the people? I hope that we will be able to show him New Oldin one day, because I believe he would love the city, and the goods that we could steal from the rich people of Oldin.

Oboron continued to look for traps. However, before I could provide my assistance in finding them, SOMETHING FALLING FROM THE CEILING!!!!!!!… I can not help but see my life before my eyes again… I may just die in this gods-forsaken cave like my father. I allowed everyone else to walk in front as I stayed safely in the back. Lavnago tries to scare me by saying that the rest of the hallway was falling, but I wasn’t fooled. When I see Nalla again, I need to talk to her about her father’s sense of humor. We continued through the hallway. I let my shield float above me just in case more stone blocks decided to fall.
We then come across a hallway with skeletons that were inside of slots inside the wall. My friends searched the bodies for anything worth taking. They mentioned that there was magical writing on the wall. None of us could read the runes though. I started to walk slowly up to Katerina Patrova, Emilia , and Miss Kaleena Lansca from behind. Isaac Fayewind, Oboron and Lavnago try to salvage what they can from the skeletons, but it looks like they are just messing with them. I also got close to one of the skeletons to get a better look at them. At that moment, though, Lavnago opened the door at the end of the hallway, which broke a magical link from the magical writings on the walls and activated a magical wall at both ends of the hallway. The skeletons’ eye sockets started to turn bright red, and I unsheathed my blade to combat these menaces. The skeletons started attacking us, but we were able to kill them easily. I saw that Oboron and Miss Lansca were taking the shields from the skeletons so I decided to take one as well to remember this cave.

Even though we were able to kill the skeletons, the magical walls did not disperse and we were still trapped. We all started to look for a secret passage to pathway. Katerina was able to find a secret door inside the middle wall slot. This lead us into a room with gorgeous blue flames that lit the room, and a fountain that was on the far side of the room. There were book shelves on the side and a large table in the middle of the room. It looked like this room was used as a study. While everyone else went straight to the book shelves, Katerina and I walked over to the fountain. There was a statue of a woman. It was hard to see if she was beautiful or not because of the dust. Lavnago was able to find some useful books which he showed everyone. I asked if he could give me a book about arcana. When everyone read their books information started to pour into our minds. Knowledge is power they say… Oboron was over at the fountain. He started drinking from the fountain. I asked him how he was feeling. He said that he felt great. I decided to take a dip into the fountain, however I didn’t realize that the fountain was MUCH deeper than a typical fountain. I fell into the fountain, almost completely submerged in water, with my head just above the water’s surface. Thankfully Lavnago was able to lift me out of the water. It was worth it however, because I felt fantastic!!! I felt like I could take on almost anyone. Though when I got out of the fountain, Kaleena Lansca became entranced by the statue. She mentioned that it depicted a member of an ancient race called the Vatel-anary. I believe I am spelling that correct.

We ended up going back the way we came from the room. The trap seemed to have stopped, maybe because we found the secret room. We were now able to pass through the door that Lavnago opened. As before, Oboron checked for traps along the way. Then me and Oboron started to hear moaning, and it was not the kind of moaning that I was accustomed to. We had to choose between two paths. The problem though was that we heard the moan from both hallways. We chose one path, and on that path were pit traps, and MORE TRAPS! Lavnago decided to jump the pit, only land on another trap. A trap of darts. We were able to get past the pit trap again. This time I decided to help out with finding traps. I used one of my spells so that I could find traps almost as well as a rogue like Oboron… The traps that I found, though, FELL FROM THE CEILING CONSISTENTLY!!! I still have three more years, you devil woman!!! You will not have my life this day! I feel as if the she is catching up to me and wants to kill me sooner. I pray that I do not die, and if I do die, that Nalla Bloodbear Thugalia is carrying my child. I would be surprised if she wasn’t after the first time we met. It was as if we were on our honeymoon, even though we were not married yet. Nalla, if you could make a surprise appearance, now would be the best time. I need my strong wife here.

Oboron and Lavnago decided to try to get across the traps while I and the rest of group go through the other path that we didn’t take. Thankfully, there were no traps to be found this way. We came across a staircase and a side door which opened to a room full of beds. At the same time we entered the room Lavnago and Oboron burst through the other side of the room in victory of overcoming the trap. We all started checking the beds and chests. I went to admire a couple paintings on the wall. Everyone else found really old clothes in the trunks. I dusted off one painting, so that I can get a better picture. It is of another Val-el-anary, a male of the race. I take the painting off the wall and the dust the back of it. It read the date 3m 7d 584y. I look at the painting again to get a better look of the Val. The Val seems to have olive-colored skin with more defined features than elves. Isaac Fayewind seemed to know the person in the painting. He said his name was Cahruu, and that he was at the tournament. I might have remembered someone who looked like this, but then again I might have been very drunk at the time, haha! Isaac also grabs a painting off from another wall. This one of a female Val. It was dated 3m 7d 473y. Isaac put the paintings into his shadowy pocket dimension for safe keeping. We then go to leave the room, when Miss Lansca turned pale white. A ghost appeared of a male version of the Val. It released a loud moan which frightened Isaac, Katerina, and Miss Lansca.



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