Purple Shiny Stuff

The Most Interesting Potion in the World.


“The Potion of Potential”
“Proof that there is a God, and that it’s toying with us.”
“The Essence of Fate”
“Liquid Power”
“The Most Interesting Potion in the World”
“Drink of Wonders”
“The Blood of a Forgotten God”

This drink has been given many names, but is colloquially referred to as purple shiny stuff. No one knows what it really is or where it comes from; no attempts to discern its composition or origin have ever succeeded. All that is known about it is that a dose of it appears from time to time, and that imbibing it produces a permanent alteration within the drinker. The effects are always bolstering in some way, and sometimes are accompanied by an aesthetic side-effect.

Some who have imbibed of the drink have stated that it seems to grant them effects that bring them closer to their ideal self; others claim it is the work of a God of Fate, Trickery, or Mystery. For what it is worth, though, none can say that it has ever really done them harm, and it usually tastes pretty good.

Purple Shiny Stuff

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