Phoelarch warrior trapped for 300+ years.


Redwave is a Phoelarch warrior who was once quite renown for his heroics on Corrent and Zieram over 300 hundred years ago. Since his release, he is one of a few Phoelarch known to be alive today, as their numbers were thinned out greatly during the reign of the Va’el’anari.

Redwave has been held in a form of stasis below Angel Fall by the actions of Vale for the last 330 years. Now that he has been freed, he seeks to unmake his captor, and will aid his liberators in any endeavor against Vale or his allies.

Until that time, he has chosen to make Rasloc his temporary encampment, and will move on once he has come to term with the situation presented to him (catching up on 300 years of history).


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