Master of the Wildwind Temple.


Praja has served as the Master of the Wildwind Temple for many years, and has been instrumental in maintaining the peace between the temple and the nearby tribes as well as defending it from harm. While many masters step down when they feel a younger leader would be more capable, Praja would rather pass on his title upon his death.

It was Praja who made the decision to expel the Tigress when she became too fierce and reckless. When she returned with a growing army comprised of the very forces Praja had kept at bay, he commanded the children to hide in the secret cavern beneath the temple and led the temple warriors into battle. Seeing that defeat was inevitable, he fled amidst the chaos to the secret cavern. The survivors of the battle were enslaved to serve the army in their new headquarters.

Praja has slowly used the survivors to recover the temple treasures and sneak food and other items. His plan is only one of survival for the time, because the Tigress seeks his head and he will not abandon his charges while they remain under her claw.

Now that the party has defeated Verana and freed the temple, Praja has begun cleanup. He also asked Vith to stay with the temple, and he agreed.


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