Katerina Patrova

Elven Archer looking for Vengeance.


Katerina Patrova’s entire life has been spent in the elven lands with her father and mother. She took after her father, a bowman. He taught her everything she knew about shooting an arrow. When she was 96 she joined the warriors as an initiate, and her father retired. Soon after Katerina met the love of her life, a young swordsman. They trained together for years.

One day there was an orc raid in her town while her team was out on patrol; by the time they returned everyone she could find was dead. They split up and she searched for her family, lover, and any other survivors. The last clear memory she has of that night was witnessing the head orc kill her parents and cut down her lover. She attacked and tried to kill the orc leader, but he delivered a terrible wound to her and she blacked out.

Three days later, Katerina awoke to find herself in her uncle’s nearby home. He told her he saw the flames rising from the village and rushed to help, but found only her, unconscious and bleeding. He immediately rendered first aid and carried her back to his home. She asked about her parents, her lover, her comrades; he only shook his head.

He cared for her for weeks until she was able to regain her full strength. She resumed her training immediately; she didn’t want to tarnish her parents’ spirits by giving up. But she soon found that the more she trained, the more her last memory began to become more defined.

One night in a dream, Katerina’s memory replayed in full that last moment before she blacked out. She was fighting the orc in melee and doing everything she could to kill him, but he was too strong. She wasn’t used to close-range battle; after all, she was meant to be an archer. He pinned her against a tree and looked her square in the face. He was an ugly thing, tall, very muscular, and had a scar across his face. He demanded of her to stop fighting and let him kill her quickly, to which she simply replied with, “Who are you to tell me to give up my life?!”. He told her simply, “I am Razgarth, and let my voice be the last thing you ever hear.” He then ran her through with his blade.

Katerina woke screaming in pain, clutching her wound, only to realize where she was. Armed with this new knowledge and vengeance on her mind, she packed up and left in the middle of the night and headed for the wood’s edge.

A few years later, while staying at an inn, she received a letter from her uncle that somehow found its way to her. Her uncle wrote how sorry he was that no one had ever told to her, but there was a specific reason the orcs had attacked her clan beyond simple racial hatred. In truth, they were looking for someone in particular: Katerina’s twin brother.

She was shocked to hear this news from her uncle. She had a brother she never heard about. According to her uncle’s letter, he was given to given to a cloister in honor and service to the elven gods. However, all reports of him sent to the family pronounced him a disgrace; all he would do is drink and womanize.

She knew she had to find her brother, the only family she had left aside from her uncle. Besides, if the orcs attacked the village because they were looking for him, he might still be in danger. She set out to find her brother and his cloister before Razgarth and his orcs.

Katerina Patrova

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