Garry Thunderhead

Paladin of Kord, slain in battle by a strong opponent.


Garry Thunderhead was born in the small settlement of Galeile to a family of dwarven miners who died in a mine fire very shortly after Garry’s birth. Being an orphan and infant, he was quickly adopted by the local chapter of the Church of Kord, where he was raised and educated by the great paladin Gargaryon Thunderhead. From the time he was only knee-high to Gargaryon, Garry was learning right from wrong and the art of slaying evil. Gary followed in his guardian’s footsteps through much of his young life, joining him on many quests as a squire and eventually a budding paladin.

On their latest quest, Garry and Gargaryon sought out the hidden water temple of the Cult of Besaiel to purge the evil-doers there and to find many a treasure. The duo managed to destroy the evil cultists, though not without casualty; Gargaryon suffered a terrible wound that incapacitated him in their final fight. In a daring escape after triggering a trap, Garry used a ring of water walking he found on a pedestal in the cult’s altar room to escape with his beloved friend and caretaker. This event and injury led Gargaryon to pursue retirement. Garry did what he could to help his master settle his affairs. They both agreed it was time for Garry to go out into the world without Gargaryon watching over him.

Soon after, Garry set out to bring glory to his friend’s name and to better the world all he could. He set out with little more than he could carry and made his way south to the port town of Rasloc before he would travel inward to the city of Dalenroth to try his hand in their annual tournament.

Garry Thunderhead

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