Emilia's sadistic brother.


Crownam was born on a small island off the coast of Qennalce to a is a brash, muscular, brutish man with the praise of his entire clan and approval of the elders. As the eldest son, he is destined to become the clan’s next chieftain. He believes himself to be a natural leader and as such deserves everything in his community: wealth, power, and women.

He has severe distaste for his sister, Emilia. Although she is older than him, she should never become the next chieftain because she is only a woman and he is the firstborn son. His first brother Wilhelm is hardly any better; he may be smart but he never knows when to shut his mouth. When he thought his sister had committed suicide rather than marry her suitor, it was one of the happiest days of his life.

He joined his father on a cargo voyage to Vand after her mourning week was complete, though Crownam was ecstatic. His elation didn’t last long enough, though, as two months into the voyage Crownam discovered the new cabin boy was in fact his sister! Their father pulled all three children into his cabin and they spoke tersely. Crownam didn’t stay long enough to hear the results of the decisions, but in the end his sister was given one of the voyage’s smaller ships to command and she remained out of his hair for the better part of five years.

She came back to the island that fateful day. Crownam had been given the elder’s final approval to become the next chieftain, and he had just donned the ceremonial robes for his new station before his father was absolved of his duties when she burst into the elder’s enclave. The elders declared her to be executed and his pathetic brother to be exiled for his treason, but their father intervened as a last act of his office.

Three days later, and Crownam was sentenced to spend three years in exile traveling the world before he could return, and it was all because of his sister and brother, although they were also to be sent away. What’s worse, their father declared if the two could return to the island before Crownam, he would lose his title and Emilia would be raised to chieftain! Well, he has three years to find them and ensure that at least one of them never makes it back home…preferably the thorn that has been his sister.

Three years…


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