Whispers in Tamris

A Tunneling We Shall Go

After we were able to defeat the skeletons me, Lavnago, and Isaac start looking for any magical books that could be useful for to us. I let Isaac use of the wands that we found in order to find any magical items. With the three of us we would be able to cover more ground, because of the library’s massive size. Unfortatnly we were not able to find any magical books or objects. Miss Lansca spent her time looking for books that she could carry with her, and she would be able to take with her.
As for what the library was like, it was massive. In the center of the library was a spherical mosaic of map. The mosaic was not in perfect condition, so some of the pieces were missing. Above that was what seemed to appear to be a painting of a landscape. I ask Miss Lansca what the continent was on the mosaic, and she said that it was of Valnor. I ask Emilia to draw out the map. It may become useful to us if we need to find our way, It may be of the past, but we could always update the map. The writing on the map was in a language that I could not read, so I asked Isaac if he could read what was written. From his translation, we were able to know the locations on the map and able to find out that the name of the area we are in is called, The The City of Water. I tell Miss Lansca about this, and she says that the map ‘s accuracy was close to today’s Valnor.
p. While Lavnago and Isaac start looking for an exit I start to observe the mosaic and ceiling. Why would there be a map of Valnor and a painting of a landscape above it. It seemed odd. Miss Lansca mentioned that the Va-el-anari were a race that had a lot knowledge. Even of knowledge that was hard to obtained. I walked into the center of the mosaic, so that I can get better view of the surrounding map. Maybe there is something in the center of it. When I put my foot in the center of the mosaic my foot disappeared. I immediately walked back away from the center. I try doing it again with my staff, then my hand, and finally with the same foot, but it does not happen again. I then stand at the center of it and look around the mosaic to see if anything would happen. Nothing did. Then, I looked up at the painting. The painting moved closer to my vision. I was frightened that the ceiling was falling, but then it stopped. I told Miss Lansca to look up at the ceiling to see what I was seeing, but neither her Miss Lansca, Emilia or Katerina could see what I was seeing. The landscape painting was actually a map! As I looked up I saw the painting was moving me to where the Blue Unicorn was. I laughed to myself as I thought that the map knew I was thirsty and could go for another drink.. While I was looking up, Lavnago touched my shoulder, which send the map went to our current location.Then, when Isaac touched my hand the map went to Archaea. They looked up, but they could not see what I saw. I tell them both to let go of me, so that Miss Lansca could try. What ever this device was it responded on thoughts. She touches my shoulder, and we are back to The Water City.
p. When she does though, the ancient ruins of the archaic city starts to peel away its old exterior into its youthful self. It was beautiful. It was nothing I have ever seen. I then, put my hand on Miss Lansca’s shoulder. She was then able to see what I could see. I was correct. There is a mental link. There must be a complete circuit in order for the other person to see. The city looked as it was in its prime. I concentrated harder to see if we could have a closer look. We were then able to be inside the room that we were in. We were also able to see our fellow companions. This is because of the thoughts of the past and present merged. When I was concentrating I felt as if Miss Lansca was hiding some of her thoughts of this place. Ask for her to let her thoughts flow through, so that we can see what happened here. As she does we see the Va-el-anari in the same robes as the skeletons were wearing and civilian people trying to break through a door. The area’s walls and ceiling were dripping of hot lava. There must have been a rebellion the same day as the great disaster that fell on the city. Miss Lansca said that this place was the training grounds of the Va-el-anari. She said she is looking for a book that allowed you to learn their fighting techniques and skills. It is a non-magical book, which means we could not find it through magic. Miss Lansca said that their fighting styles can only be learned through a master or by reading the book. We mention again that Isaac said he had encountered someone with similar clothes as the Va-el-anari in the painting we found. I ask Isaac to take my hand to see if we can find him. If this map can allow us to see what ever we think, maybe we would be able to find people too. Isaac thinks about Cahruu, while I try to focus. I put my hand on him, so that he can identify if its him or not, since I don’t remember the man. The map brought us to a secret location inside of Archaea’s library. I then put my other hand on Miss Lansca’s shoulder so that she can see him. She said that she may be a descendent, but she became interested to who he was talking to. She said that he was talking to Zhebios Korata, head librarian of the Liber Demesne, and Head Master of the Diamond Mind School of the Sublime Way. Apparently there is some power struggle Miss Lansca has with him, but I didn’t really pay attention to what she was saying so much.
p. Since we know that this scrying tool can find locations and people we all took a turn looking for what we can. Unfortunately it was only able to locate anything that was in Valnor, or what ever the mosaic of the map displayed. Emilia was first, She wanted to find her dear brother Wilhelm. He was also in Archaea’s library, reading a book about law. He looked like very intelligent man. Especially with that great looking hat with a feather in it. She then wanted to find her other brother Crownam. The map could not find him though. Then, I tried. I first wanted to see if the map could go outside of Valnor. This is when I discovered it could not, but only in what direction it was from Valnor. I focused on New Oldin because I wanted to see how Ivan and my friends were doing. I then focused on Nalla to see where she was. Unfortunately there were no results. I thought about looking for my father, but then I remembered that he was taken from this world. Isaac was next. He wanted to find someone named Vale. Again there were no results. Then I remembered that we needed to go to the* Fallen Arsenal*, that Osrianan had told us to go to. I was able to locate it and we marked its location on our map, along with Archaea’s location, and the library.
p. We were finally done with having fun with scrying tool and we continued forward. When Lavnago was looking for a way out he mentioned that there was a loud booming sound coming from the door that was ahead of us. The way to the door was filled with bones. Bones went. crunch, crunch as we walked towards the door. Thankfully none of them came to life. Isaac said that the other doors were blockaded, so we could only go down the booming door. Which sounded just great. As we walked down the path the booming became louder and louder. BOOM! BOOM! Gravel from the ceiling fell on us every time there was a loud boom. BOOM!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!!. It was unsettling for me having something fall on me. Even if it was only small particles of dirt and gravel. I have the shield over my head just incase something were to fall on me. Isaac, Emilia, and Katerina get under by shield as well. Its one way to get women to cling to me hahahahaha!
p. We reach the end of the hallway which brings us to a dome shaped room that had no other door. The walls and ceiling seemed like it was lava that had harden for thousands of years ago, so it seemed safe to enter. There was a pile of ash in the center of the room. Me and Isaac searched through the ashes, while Lavnago looks for a hollow or thin part of the wall to start digging. In the ashes I find fragments of bone. This is not a good sign.The dome doesn’t seem natural made. I think that someone made a protective shield to for themselves from the lava. Unfortunately I don’t think they’ survived. Isaac goes over to Lavnago to ask if he has found anything. Lavnago found a weak spot in the wall. The booming continues as we are inside of room. BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!. Lavnago made big dents into the wall, but Isaac said that he had enough energy that would be able to clear the wall more effectively. Everyone stood back as Isaac released a deafening sonic blast, which was then followed by an explosion which took the rest of the wall down.
p. DAYLIGHT! Daylight flood into the room, and from the daylight a dwarf covered in dirt and who’s beard looked burned appeared. Miss Lansca walks up to him and talks to the dwarf. Apparently he is one of Lansca’s excavators. We were able to exit the ruins and return back to Bazrak, which then Miss Lansca split from our group, and said that we will meet her the next day. She had work to do. Isaac felt tired and decided to retire for the day along with Katerina. Emilia, Lavnago, and I decided to see if the caravan was here.
p. Luckly, we didn’t miss the caravan while we were inside the ruins. I was glad we didn’t because the caravan was an amazing sight to behold. Above us was a flying air ship. It landed and docked on the port. Emilia became fascinated and awed by the ship, and that it can travel through the air. Her fascination with ship was kind of like how Miss Lansca was when she first saw the runes on the walls. Many of passengers either walked off the boat or jumped off. One of passengers in particular dropped right in front us. He was a tall man who had black wings, and long black hair with crimson streaks. He was a Raptoran. Along with him was the ship’s Captain, Zettia. Emilia quickly started to talk to the captain awkwardly, as I started to talk to the Raptoran. His name was Fiam Pyyth, Range Strider of the Safire Folk. We all then went out drinking. While Emilia and Lavnago talked to Zettia I spend some time getting to know Fiam. As much as it would be “more” interesting to get to know Zettia better, I have never seen a Raptoran before and I was interested in who Fiam wa,s and what his people were like. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be remembering the night the next day.
p. The next day appears, and I awake In a bed filled with pillows, and across from me was Zettia eating breakfast at a table. I was actually surprised, since I had no intentions of having some really good fun that night. I ask her was happened, and she said “Why don’t you tell me”. I can only assume that we had a good time since I was naked. I find my pair of pants and sit down with her. I ask her, “Are we on your ship?”

“Yes.” She then tosses me an apple to eat.

When I take a bite out of the apple, I then ask her, “How did I get here?”

“I had my men bring you on my ship.”

“Why?” I asked curiously.

“I take what I like.”

I assumed then that she likes who I am, but I still find it suspicious to why she brought me on board. I have no idea who she is, and what kind of captain she is. As far as I know she could be a pirate. I ask her where my belongings are, and she said that my clothes were being washed and my belongings are stored somewhere safely. She says she likes my good faith or nature. She knows that I worship Olidammara. No doubt because she saw my mask in my robes. I ask her if my friends mentioned what kind of person I was. Especially my father. He mentioned to her that I was “married” to her daughter, and that I was a drinker, a pervert and so on. She didn’t mind the fact that I was married or any of the other things. I wasn’t surprised at that at all though. However, she oddly enough reminded me of the Mayor of Rasloc, but not corrupt and evil. I keep asking her more questions, so that I can try to get to know the person I just shared a bed with, and why she has such an interest in me, besides my good nature. I have never met a woman like her before. I had only the pleasure to share a drink and conversation with the people of New Oldin and Nalla. In our conversation I learn that she likes the many of things in life that bring great pleasure. Coin, wine, and other treasures. I then become worried about my….collection of drinks. Especially the one that the Trickster gave me. I told her that she should stay away from it. That it has the potential of killing her, and that only I can drink it and not be effected by its affects. Even though I’m telling her more than I should about it I didn’t really think that she would not take my word.
p. I wasn’t able to discover her deeper intentions for bringing me here, but I was able to convince her in bringing both me and my companions on her boat for free. I was a little tricky though. She didn’t really mind me coming aboard her ship for free, which just provokes my suspicions that she wants something else of me.
p. I was able to get everyone on board the ship for free. She opens the door that leads to the deck of the ship. I go over to the door, and ask her for one more favor. That on the trip to Archaea that me and Lavnago are at separate parts of the ship, so that he does not bother and torment me. Knowing my group they are wondering where I am, and Lavnago might be thinking that I am with another woman. Which is true, but none the less. Zettia said that she will make sure that he is separated from me. I ask her where i can find my belongings, and she told me that I could find them in her garments. As I walk on the deck I notice,* Isaac, Emilia, Oboron, Katerina, Fiam, and…..Lavnago*. He starts badgering me and starts casting spells on me while I put on my gear. Thankfully with my luck I was able to get past all his spells. I then ask one of the crew men if keeping your balance on an air ship was any difficult than keeping balance on a ship in the water. He said that it depend on the wind, but everyone wears a life line that is attached to the ship while on deck. I decide then to take off my armor, that way I am more mobile while on the ship. It feels good to be out of that stuffy shell of metal. Lavnago then continues to casts more spells on me. Only two of them got through. With one we made an Illusion of Nalla, and with the next he made Nalla scream at me. I knew though that Nalla was not here because of the scrying instrument that let me know that she is no where on Valnor. But as I saw the Illusion of Nalla I pondered: What is Nalla doing right now? Where is she? I hope she is ok? I hope that when she finds me that we can discuss this destiny thing of me being her husband. Then I felt a strong smack from the back of my head, from Lavnago. I realize then that this trip will be….a very long one.

Skeletons In Robes and Armor

I managed to turn the ghost, causing it to flee. We took the opportunity to run up the stairs before it would come back. Because of the encounter I decided to detect any more undead creatures that were in the area, especially ghosts. Oboron continued looking for traps. Thankfully he didn’t find anymore. Immediately as I cast my spell I was able to sense the presence of the non-living. I noticed four auras that were close by. We were surrounded by the living dead. I told everyone to stay in the center of where the hall ways connected, and I will survey the area for what kind of undead we are dealing with. Before doing so I casted a spell that would hide me from the undead. I then tried concentrating harder to detect the strength of the undeads’ aura. I noticed two stronger auras in my search. Through my search I saw ghosts and skeletons. The ghosts were nothing special looking. They looked very similar to the one that we came across downstairs, and the skeletons were either wearing leather armor or were dressed in the same fancy robes as the others. The only room that was interesting was the first room I checked into. Inside there were two skeleton standing there along with one of the ghosts. The two skeletons were dressed differently, one in leather, and one in robes. I stood at the entrance door for a little longer to see if anything would happen. After 3o seconds of waiting the skeletons started to fight each other. Almost as if they seem to be re-inacting a fight, and when the fight was over they would go back to their original spots. They would then fight again and then go back to their original spots. The ghost did nothing, but watch the skeletons fight. I assumed that this was a sparing room because of the size of the room, and the two skeletons fighting. I wonder if the spirits here are not at peace, and must be stuck in a battle that even past on through the after life. I then, look into another room that appeared to be a lounging room with one ghost and two other skeletons. They seemed as if they were already defeated. Their body’s laid flat on the floor, but I didn’t take a chance going inside the room. I waited though to see if the same thing that happened in the sparring room would happen here, but nothing happened. I then walk over to the other side of the hallway. I noticed the same thing again in the rooms. Except I sensed three strong auras. and three lesser ones. Also, in the other lounging room there were two ghostly specters and one skeletons. I wanted to walk into the room, but one of the specters turned around and looked at me with its dead eyes. It pointed its dead fleshed finger at me and screamed. It was unsettling. I run back to my group to tell them what I have seen, and that one of the ghosts saw me. I decided to then hide everyone else around me from the menace, so that I can kill it. They go over the large door on the other side of one of the hallways. I stood in the middle of the hallway with my rapier at my side and my shield floating beside me. I was fighting with my rapier with incredible speed and technique.
It reminded me of the times when I was sparring with Ivanl and he was wielding his warhammer. I would always be able to get in close, and have my blade at his throat, but he would always get me back by catching me off guard. He would say that the girls were running in nothing, but their undergarments. I would turn the other way to see nothing,, and then he would swing his hammer straight into my stomach which would cause me to fly into the air. BUT BACK TO THE FIGHT!!!!
So I was fighting the ghost with all my might, but it didn’t have as much of an effect as it should have. Thankfully, my spiritual sword was beside my side helping me to defeat the specter, but then it bites me which left me paralyzed. I was stuck because of the it. My companions saw this and decide to come to my rescue. They all came out from hiding, and helped me. Isaac was able to kill it with one of his fire spells, and it turned to ash. The effects of the paralyzing bite soon wearied off, and I was able to move again. I’m thankful that I have such a loving group. I will need to thank everyone by buying everyone a drink. Isaac can have some actual apple juice, unlike the time Katerina and the monk gave him alcohol, and told him it was apple juice. I know I like alcohol, but a child so young needs to remember their childhood, They can start drinking when they want to forget something.
After the fight with the ghost I decided to hide everyone from anymore undead that we may come across. I then notice Miss Lansca was not with us when I cast the spell, and I was out of energy to cast the spell again. She was to preoccupied with the huge door at the end of the hallway.
She was reading the inscriptions on the door and it seemed to say that this was the library that we have been looking for. I told Miss Lansca and everyone else to wait first, while I detect more undead that might be past the door.I concentrated, and sensed seven more auras of undead. I concentrate even more to see if any of them are ghosts. Thankfully none of them were. I let everyone else know what lied behind the doors. I tell Miss Lansca that she should wait here while we survey the area, and take out the skeletons since she was not with us when I casted the spell. I told everyone my plan, that we should all take a skeleton and strike them down while they can detect our presence. I ask Miss Lansca if she has any way from concealing herself, because she refuses to stays behind. She says that she can become invisible. I was fine with that. I tried opening the door myself, but it seemed like it was barricaded on the other side. I ask Oboron to help me push, and we were able to move the door while also making lots…. and lots….of noise. Thankfully this did not grab the attention of any of the skeletons.
We were able to defeat all of the skeletons with out damaging the library and without taking any damage ourselves. In the fight though Oboron saw that the skeletons with robes were fighting the skeletons in leather armor. This makes my suspicions before even stronger. I wonder if the undead spirits here are still fighting an ancient battle that has not ended even in death. I will be keeping a watchful eye on the skeletons just in case they come back to life just to fight each other again. I hope that I am wrong. However I am also concerned about the dead that we left “alive” behind us.

974yr::Traps...and More Traps….Oo a Ghost!

We proceeded forward. Me in front with Oboron scouting for traps. I hope that there are no more glyphs. However, they give me an idea if I ever wanted to keep Lavnago away from me.
We did come across some traps that Oboron found. He guided us around the traps, but then we came a across a row of traps that blocked our path. He told us to stand back as he tried to disarm it. I hoped that it didn’t project a magical force like the last one. Thankfully, though, he disarmed it without effort. Knowing a rogue like Oboron has become useful and a blessing. I wonder if we were destined to meet by Olidammara’s hand, to cause laughs and tricks among the people? I hope that we will be able to show him New Oldin one day, because I believe he would love the city, and the goods that we could steal from the rich people of Oldin.

Oboron continued to look for traps. However, before I could provide my assistance in finding them, SOMETHING FALLING FROM THE CEILING!!!!!!!… I can not help but see my life before my eyes again… I may just die in this gods-forsaken cave like my father. I allowed everyone else to walk in front as I stayed safely in the back. Lavnago tries to scare me by saying that the rest of the hallway was falling, but I wasn’t fooled. When I see Nalla again, I need to talk to her about her father’s sense of humor. We continued through the hallway. I let my shield float above me just in case more stone blocks decided to fall.
We then come across a hallway with skeletons that were inside of slots inside the wall. My friends searched the bodies for anything worth taking. They mentioned that there was magical writing on the wall. None of us could read the runes though. I started to walk slowly up to Katerina Patrova, Emilia , and Miss Kaleena Lansca from behind. Isaac Fayewind, Oboron and Lavnago try to salvage what they can from the skeletons, but it looks like they are just messing with them. I also got close to one of the skeletons to get a better look at them. At that moment, though, Lavnago opened the door at the end of the hallway, which broke a magical link from the magical writings on the walls and activated a magical wall at both ends of the hallway. The skeletons’ eye sockets started to turn bright red, and I unsheathed my blade to combat these menaces. The skeletons started attacking us, but we were able to kill them easily. I saw that Oboron and Miss Lansca were taking the shields from the skeletons so I decided to take one as well to remember this cave.

Even though we were able to kill the skeletons, the magical walls did not disperse and we were still trapped. We all started to look for a secret passage to pathway. Katerina was able to find a secret door inside the middle wall slot. This lead us into a room with gorgeous blue flames that lit the room, and a fountain that was on the far side of the room. There were book shelves on the side and a large table in the middle of the room. It looked like this room was used as a study. While everyone else went straight to the book shelves, Katerina and I walked over to the fountain. There was a statue of a woman. It was hard to see if she was beautiful or not because of the dust. Lavnago was able to find some useful books which he showed everyone. I asked if he could give me a book about arcana. When everyone read their books information started to pour into our minds. Knowledge is power they say… Oboron was over at the fountain. He started drinking from the fountain. I asked him how he was feeling. He said that he felt great. I decided to take a dip into the fountain, however I didn’t realize that the fountain was MUCH deeper than a typical fountain. I fell into the fountain, almost completely submerged in water, with my head just above the water’s surface. Thankfully Lavnago was able to lift me out of the water. It was worth it however, because I felt fantastic!!! I felt like I could take on almost anyone. Though when I got out of the fountain, Kaleena Lansca became entranced by the statue. She mentioned that it depicted a member of an ancient race called the Vatel-anary. I believe I am spelling that correct.

We ended up going back the way we came from the room. The trap seemed to have stopped, maybe because we found the secret room. We were now able to pass through the door that Lavnago opened. As before, Oboron checked for traps along the way. Then me and Oboron started to hear moaning, and it was not the kind of moaning that I was accustomed to. We had to choose between two paths. The problem though was that we heard the moan from both hallways. We chose one path, and on that path were pit traps, and MORE TRAPS! Lavnago decided to jump the pit, only land on another trap. A trap of darts. We were able to get past the pit trap again. This time I decided to help out with finding traps. I used one of my spells so that I could find traps almost as well as a rogue like Oboron… The traps that I found, though, FELL FROM THE CEILING CONSISTENTLY!!! I still have three more years, you devil woman!!! You will not have my life this day! I feel as if the she is catching up to me and wants to kill me sooner. I pray that I do not die, and if I do die, that Nalla Bloodbear Thugalia is carrying my child. I would be surprised if she wasn’t after the first time we met. It was as if we were on our honeymoon, even though we were not married yet. Nalla, if you could make a surprise appearance, now would be the best time. I need my strong wife here.

Oboron and Lavnago decided to try to get across the traps while I and the rest of group go through the other path that we didn’t take. Thankfully, there were no traps to be found this way. We came across a staircase and a side door which opened to a room full of beds. At the same time we entered the room Lavnago and Oboron burst through the other side of the room in victory of overcoming the trap. We all started checking the beds and chests. I went to admire a couple paintings on the wall. Everyone else found really old clothes in the trunks. I dusted off one painting, so that I can get a better picture. It is of another Val-el-anary, a male of the race. I take the painting off the wall and the dust the back of it. It read the date 3m 7d 584y. I look at the painting again to get a better look of the Val. The Val seems to have olive-colored skin with more defined features than elves. Isaac Fayewind seemed to know the person in the painting. He said his name was Cahruu, and that he was at the tournament. I might have remembered someone who looked like this, but then again I might have been very drunk at the time, haha! Isaac also grabs a painting off from another wall. This one of a female Val. It was dated 3m 7d 473y. Isaac put the paintings into his shadowy pocket dimension for safe keeping. We then go to leave the room, when Miss Lansca turned pale white. A ghost appeared of a male version of the Val. It released a loud moan which frightened Isaac, Katerina, and Miss Lansca.

Starting My…Odd Adventure
My first foray into the deep dark below.

I started my journey by sailing to Corrent, hoping to find any information about the lustful succubus that has cursed my family’s bloodline. However, I was sucked into a maverick group of adventures. I thought that I would be able to cover more ground by traveling in a group. I was very wrong.

Now in Valnor, we are all “stuck” inside of a cave, which is in fact part of an excavation site. My companions decided to go inside and help the excavators by entering from Bazrak, I’m thankful that Lavnago, my father-in-law, decided to stay behind. I cannot stand him at times. I love Nalla, but to be forced into marriage is not how I want to spend the rest of my life. Maybe when this is all over, I’ll try to get to know Nalla more, and she get to know me.

We travel through the well-excavated cave. Even though it is well-excavated, I am still afraid of the walls and ceiling collapsing on me just like what had happened my father. The cave has become narrower as we travel down the dark path. We soon came to a fork in the cave on our travel. Miss Lansca opened a map telling us to go right. Then, we see stalactites… My body feels weak, my legs shaking. I wish I had not come. I’d rather stay with Lavnago then this shit. Oboron suggested that I should use the floating tower shield that I obtained from Garry to cover my head. I took Oboron’s suggestion, and commanded the shield to hover above my head. I only hope that it can save me from a collapsing cave. It did help my stress, at least.

We then came across a large cavern with a rift in the floor. Followed by two giant spiders that we spotted on the ceiling. I prayed that if my party members managed to kill one of them while they are on the ceiling that the corpse would not fall on me. However, praying that something won’t fall on me would be pointless, since I believe that the Laughing Rouge would like to see something fall on me for a laugh. Maybe I should play some tricks to please him and he would then intern help me. Maybe he can supply me more of his delicious wine.
That would have to wait though, because after we killed the two spiders a larger one appeared with small swarms of baby spiders. We determined that this was their mother. We were able to defeat the giant spider and her babies thanks to Oboron and his explosive pots. However, during combat Emilia was his by Isaac’s fire ball. Thankfully she was not turned to cinder. We need someone to drive the ship, and it’s hard to find someone to sail us around the seas for free. To get over the gap we used the dead mother spider’s body as a bridge to get over the crypt. Isaac suggested that I put my armor in his pocket dimension, which leads to the Shadowlands, so that I would be able to get across with ease. I should remember to thank Isaac for his kindness… if I remember. Conquering the spider gave me a more positive attitude about myself, so I decided to lead our companions.

We then came across a cave of mushrooms of varying sizes. Some were the size of small houses and some were small enough to hold in your hand. They also changed into vibrant colors, of red, orange, yellow and so on. These mushrooms remind me of back home. Mushroom soup was my favorite while growing up in the temple. I also remembered that Ivan also liked mushrooms, so I tried taking one to bring back to him. I tried slicing the smallest one I could find, but it deflated and covered the bottom of my robes with spores. I hope I do not become sick in this cave. However, its better dying of poison than having something falling on me, but avoiding death completely exceeds both greatly. Oh, and everyone else was scared of the ever color-changing mushrooms. It seemed like a relaxing place to go for a walk or collect some dinner. I’m hungry now. I hope we find food soon.

We continued forward and left the mushroom room only to come across another mushroom room. This time though we found was being tended by white mushrooms with red caps that were bipedal and had arms. Everyone wanted to leave, but a few of the mushroom beings started to walk toward us. We quickly became surrounded by the mushroom folk. They mainly cluttered around me most though. They started poking at me, as if they were confused at what I was. Then, one of them let out spores which spread out to everyone. It didn’t seem to have any effect on most of us. The only one that was affected was Miss Lansca. She started swaying side to side just like the mushroom people. She was able to communicate with them because of the spores. We all then allowed them to spread their spores on us so that we could communicate better. The mushroom people seemed to be confused by me and thought that I was a mushroom. I figured this was because of the spores that were on my robes. We were able to explain that I was human and not a mushroom.

We asked If the Mushroom people could help us find our way through the cave. They said that they would bring us to their elder. Hopefully he can help us. The mushroom people seemed to be very nice and generous towards us. Also, they communicate telepathically, so everyone is able to hear the thoughts of everyone. Unfortunately I would only learn this later on. On our way Oboron made friends with one of the smaller mushroom people. He soon had him on his shoulder, like father and son. Except the father is a hulking man with a metal arm and red glowing eyes, and the son is a mushroom.

Once we got to the leader we were able to ask him for help. He was a more older-looking mushroom. He even had a beard made up of what appeared to be roots. During this time I started to stare at Miss Lansca and imagine what she looks like naked. This is when I learned that we were sharing our thoughts with everyone from the telepathic spores. Then she corrected my image of her and started to imagine me naked in turn, and I corrected her. Now everyone knows what me and Miss Lansca looked like naked… including poor Isaac. Not everyone took exception to it. However, I was lucky that the mushroom people didn’t understand what being naked was, so they were not offended by my thoughts.
The mushroom elder allowed us to stay for little bit and served us mushrooms that were cooked in more ways than one. This filled my hunger for mushrooms. This is when we learned that Isaac Fayewind despised mushrooms. He chose not to eat anything. The rest of us dug in on the free meal. Katerina told them first to take away the dishes that were poisonous to us.

Later on the small mushroom that was on Oboron’s shoulder came to us and said that he could guide us to the exit of their village. We were able to come across a magnificent hallway of fine stonework and vaulted ceilings. I assumed that we were getting closer to our destination. Miss Lansca became fascinated with symbols on the walls of the hallway. She started making impressions of the markings on the wall and keeping them as notes. It was like she was in a trance. I would be in a trance too, if she was doing it in less clothes, but I don’t that now is the best time. Maybe back at the mushroom village though. The ever changing mushrooms would be beautiful to look at with someone. They would really set the mood for romance.
As we walked down the hallway Oboron told everyone to stop. He pointed out that there was a glyph in the air. Isaac told us that this glyph was used to keep people out and whatever was on the other side in.

We don’t have any concept of time down here since we left. We can’t even tell when it’s the next day. We all decided then to take some time to rest since we were all tired from traveling and fighting. Oboron decided to work on the glyph trap. His first try caused the trap to activate, which expelled a magical force that hit us all which was quite painful. These are the times that I am thankful for being a “holy man” who can heal himself, and I bet my companions are glad that they are with a “holy man” as well. We all decided to stay far away from Oboron as he tinkered with the glyph again. Eventually he was able to disarm this magical trap, instead of it nearly killing him, unlike the time that Gavin Crosswell and Oboron tried to disarm an orb from the last time we came across a magical trap. I simply walked right past it. Why couldn’t this trap be more like that one?

Chapter 1: The Auction
Adventure Log

Upon arriving at the port of Rasloc, Gavin stepped off the gangplank onto the docks. In his hand he held a letter given to him by his brother, Benjamin, who had asked him to leave Qennalce to help him. He was to go to a tavern not too far off from the docks that went by the name of " The Golden Cask ".

As he headed toward the tavern, he heard a distinct noise of crashing barrels. He initially ignored it, but as he continued down the path it seemed to follow him. After that, he turned his head to look at what was causing the chaos behind him when he found out: a completely drunken man in full cloth stumbling everywhere and harassing women. He sighed and continued to the tavern, shortly arriving thereafter.

It took little time for him to find his brother; he was in the back sulking in a corner. He approached him and, for a moment, Benjamin didn’t seem to know who he was. Once they were reacquainted, Benjamin asked for him to help him gain favor with his guard captain, Teun, so he could advance his career. As it was, Benjamin was a mere low rank guard and thus his income was very low. Which brought into question how he managed to send Gavin 200 gold. After a little pressing, it was revealed that Benjamin was doing some “off-the-books” work with an unnamed source to supplement his income. Once the confirmation of the type of job was made, which was highly illegal, Gavin accepted the request in an effort to get Benjamin out of the path he was taking.

While waiting ’til nightfall to start the mission, Gavin encountered the drunken man again; this time he was sitting with another man and called Gavin over. His name was Darius Mason, and he represented the church of Olidammara. Shortly after that introduction, the man next to Darius introduced himself as Oboron. This one had a shifty demeanor to him; as if he were hiding something. Gavin sat down with them, as he had nothing better to do, and began to have a great time of drinking.

Once his time was up and he had to leave, he asked if his new-found friends would like to help him with a small mission. They agreed to come with him and then set out with Gavin to where he was to meet Benjamin.

Upon meeting with him, Benjamin became very irate with Gavin for recruiting more people. After a brief conversation, Gavin managed to convince Benjamin that joining forces with the two newcomers was a good idea.

It was then that more details were given about the job; Gran, a half-orc, was running a smuggling operation down at the harbor, and was about to start an auction. Benjamin’s role in the operation was to deter guards from discovering it, and the group’s job was to deal with protecting the merchandise.

After arriving, Gavin shortly discovered that Benjamin had found himself involved in the slave trade. Gavin took it upon himself to quietly unlock the cage door of the slave’s cage, and retrieved the slave’s weapon and armor and slipped it under the curtains covering the cage. Shortly after that Benjamin had arrived… along with the Mayor of Rasloc! The mayor pulled away the curtain, revealing an enraged four foot tall minotaur. He kicked open the door to the cage in a display of strength, and demanded that the mayor set him free, stating so in five different languages.

The mayor refused and as a result the minotaur charged at him with his battle axe to kill him. He swung toward the mayor, but was stopped just short of the mayor by a shocking, binding seal placed upon the Minotaur’s body. The shock, clearly being extremely painful and would have easily brought lesser mortals to their knees, was shrugged off by the minotaur as if it never happened. The mayor then called forth two guards to escort him and the minotaur, when the minotaur charged one of them and cut him in half with his battle axe. The other guard, upon witnessing this gruesome act, sprinted away with his life.

With one of the guards dead, the mayor stated, “Well, it seems as though we have a job opening. Gavin, was it? Would you be interested in the position?” Gavin accepted, and shortly thereafter learned the name of the minotaur: Leokas Woodsheart. The group was then assigned to work together with Leokas, and to wait until they are called upon again for another mission.


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