It is the year 974 as marked in the Years of Men. For the last few years, the world of Tamris has been at peace. No wars are being fought. No great calamities are occurring. No diseases are spreading. There is a relative peace on every continent.
While some nations do retain some uneasy accords, and wild monsters and bandits still roam the lands, there is no real need for great heroes in these tranquil times. Many who adventure now do so for personal growth: to seek knowledge, fame, or fortune.

Yet in this world, there are whispers of dark times ahead. Many do not believe there is truth to these rumors. Only time will tell if the whispers gain a real voice, or fade away into silence.

This campaign takes place in a continually-developing homebrew setting, and makes use of many of the D&D 3.5 books and other source material. I have much more floating around in my head than is on the site, but I will try to make the effort to get things put up as they appear in-game.

Whispers in Tamris

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